“A machine artifact from an extraterrestrial planet that was left here a billion years ago by a species that were moon worshippers."

Welcome to the mind of chef Jordan Kahn and his high concept LA restaurant, Vespertine.  

We're yet to dine at Vespertine, but we can't help but be excited and inspired by it.

Chef Kahn (with his insanely cool chefs jacket) created his vision of ‘food from a time that’s not yet existed’ with Architect Eric Own Moss, and a collective of artists that included film makers, fashion designers, musicians and sculptors. This high-concept fine dining experience completely removes itself from all considered restaurant norms, from the unrecognisable presentation of food to the near-theatrical service style. It doesn’t do this to be shocking or an industry agitator, but to execute a singular concept that the dining public is yet to experience and a chef has ever articulated. 

LA Times food writer Jonathan Gold wrote of Vespertine’s most curious fish dish… 
“You are not sure exactly what you are eating. You are not meant to know. You have traveled from darkness into light, and that is enough” 

The New York Times' Peter Wells asked...
"Was the building … breathing?" 

EATER questions whether Vespertine is a Spaceship or a Wizards tower 

It's this shift in dining thinking that we're excited by. Vespertine is a glorious avant-garde food experience that will, for better or worse, leave an imprint in your food memories, and will forever adjust how you look at a restaurant and the plate of food in front of you. That excites us, and we're hell bent on experiencing it for ourselves. 

Side Note: Everyone should follow their instagram account. It's pure food/art porn. The only account they follow is NASA - that is a statement in itself.  

Images sourced from Vespertine Instagram feed